Our Jungle (Plant) Care Tracker notepad was created with the plant-lover in mind, to provide you a place to track what your plants need and when you last cared for them, so you can keep them alive and thriving!


Product Details:

  • Measures 5.5” x 8.5” 
  • Soft cover, hard backing, spiral bound 
  • 75 sheets (150 pages) -- printed front and back on 70# natural paper
  • Track three plants per page
  • Track watering - check or fill in each circle and write the date last watered on the line below
  • Notate what each plant likes - including lighting, temperature, fertilizer and how wet the soil should be before watering (this is a simplified way of knowing when to water that has helped me keep my plants alive. Our local plant shop owner always provides watering advice by referencing how wet the soil should be before watering, and it has yet to steer me wrong!)

Plant Care Tracker

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